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Sleep peacefully

knowing that we keep your office chugging along nicely

Case tracking through to ensure timely case resolution.
No Service No Charge
No billing until the case is resolved.
Microsoft Certified Professional
Extensive experience in deploying and maintaining Microsoft Windows-based solutions.


We've been practicing this for a while now. It's been working well for both our customers and us. So this is making it official...

All IT support cases that are resolved within 5 minutes will not be charged any labour. We will still record the work done so that you have an audit trace of all IT works done.
IT support charges for each month will be waived if the total labour does not exceed an hour. We will still send you the monthly support summary so that you have an audit trace of all IT works done for the month.
Ad-Hoc Support Request
Ad-Hoc Support Request
Standard Plan
Standard Plan
Enjoy 25% off our published rate by signing up for Standard Plan
Annual Maintenance Plan
Annual Maintenance Plan
Get up to 40% off our published rate when you sign up for the Annual Maintenance Plan
Terms & Conditions

Operation hours are between 9:00AM to 6:00PM from Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays.

After operation hours support is chargeable at 2x the prevailing rate.

Remote support include case resolution over the phone, email, Instant Messenger, TeamViewer, Remote Desktop or any means without being physically present on site.

For ad-hoc support request, on-site service is provided at SGD120 per hour, or part of. For remote support, service is provided at SGD30 per 15min block, or part of. There will be no charge if the incident is not resolved satisfactorily.

Prices quoted for ad-hoc support request serves as the prevailing rate.

Minimum sign up for all pre-paid plans is 36 hours.